“A Champion for All” tells about a young martial artist who competes in an martial arts tournament in Japan, hoping to win the championship belt and thereby gain the acceptance of his American biological father whom he has never met.

Our hero wins the tournament — but learns too late that the victory brings with it life-long servitude to an international crime syndicate.

He escapes the syndicate’s clutches and heads to the U.S. with his championship belt to find his father, but gets stranded in Centerville — a small, end-of-the-road desert town that is owned by a cannabis-growing syndicate and ruled by an insane Chief of Police.

When the Chief learns of our hero’s celebrity status from Rhonda, a mysterious young woman claiming to be a reporter from “Ultimate Fighter Magazine”, the Chief sees an opportunity to reverse his town’s dead-end existence and gives him an ultimatum — fight in a staged tournament in Centerville or go to prison on trumped-up charges.

The tournament becomes a fight-to-the-death, a fight with unexpected twists and turns. Our hero wins his father’s and the town’s respect, but with a price still on his head, he has to move on — and his real adventure begins.

(Yes, there will be sequels!)

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  • The Hero (late teens, early 20s male)
  • Rhonda (20s American female fighter)
  • Matsui (20s – early 30s Japanese female fighter)
  • Kennisha (African-American female – non fighter)
  • Supporting Characters & Fighters (all ages/genders)

Please Note

  • Acting experience is NOT necessary — it’s all about personality and martial arts skills!
  • The two finalists for the roles of The Hero and Rhonda will meet in televised fights — with the winners of each fight getting the roles.
  • The winner of the Hero fight will be signed to a multiple-movie contract.
  • Acceptable fight disciplines include MMA, Krav Maga, all forms of Karate, Sambo, Jiujitsu, Tae Kwan Do, Kung Fu, Thai Boxing, and Judo.
  • Co-starring actors will be paid union rates.
  • Applications will be reviewed within 60 days.

Production Schedule

A Champion For All will begin production immediately following the selection of the main cast members and the costarring fighters.

Key MagicQuest Team

Bo Svenson

CEO & President

Christel Pauli, Esq.

COO, Executive Producer, Attorney

Val Verse

Head of Operations

Commonly Asked Questions

MagicQuest Entertainment, a Hollywood production company since 1975. The CEO is Bo Svenson, a writer, producer, actor and director who has worked with over one hundred Oscar-winners and/or nominees.

Absolutely. If starring or co-starring in a Hollywood movie works for you — go for it!

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